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Many distilleries consider gin production as a good way to sustain the making of aged spirits such as whisky or brandy. Indeed, gin had a very short circle of production and does not need to be kept. But in our distillery, we are very proud to have made gin our priority and our expertise! 


Our know-how is present every step of the way in our gin production.

We start by selecting carefully our ingredients. First, we work closely with plants producers and haversters, that grow the botanicals necessary for the elaboration of our batches. Then, the magic of maceration happens, when we let the herbs infuse in alcohol to let them reveal all their aromas. Each maceration is different regarding the plants we use, and the time the need to reveal either rich or delicate flavors.

Thanks to our Holstein copper still, we also master our distillation process, by adjusting to every batch. This approach allows us to care for every detail, and guarantees an exceptional quality for our spirits. 

And finally, the dilution of the spirits ends our gin making process. This last step is actually crucial to reach perfect balance in our gins. We approach it with patience and finesse, by reducing progressively the alcohol content. This slow dilution avoids shocks in the blending of components and allows the flavors to reveal themselves in harmony and complexity.

_023 HD - Distillerie de l'Arbre Sec - Janvier 2024 - Photo-Terroir.jpg



Plants from permaculture, organic growing or wild harvest.

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All the ingredients we use to produce our gins are made in France

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In order to favor recycling, all of our packaging is reusable

Gin is a spirit made from the combination of neutral spirit and plants. It can be distilled but it is not mandatory. The secrets of its making are often on the botanicals that are used, the quantity, the maceration, infusion or distillation options. But it is still quite rare to know about the origin of the ingredients. Where are they from, how are they made or grown?


We have chosen to make our gin with exclusively French products. First of all, we made this decision to try and limit the environmental impact. But also, we truly believe that our land overflows with high quality wild botanicals. These ingredients are all made responsibly, often organically grown, sometimes even biodynamically. We also use plants grown from permaculture and/or picked in the wild.

Charlotte's ink gin bottle


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